Writing - Jackie M. Guerra
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Unleashing the Power of Words

Unleashing the Power of Poetry

Channeling the Essence of Source Within

Within the realm of poetry lies a profound intention—to anchor our souls in the vibration of connecting to the divine source within. Just like mantras, scriptures, or prayers, these intentional verses serve as conduits, deepening our connections with our higher self and subconscious, and leading us on a transformative path toward ultimate enlightenment.

With each carefully crafted line, these poems carry a sacred resonance, invoking profound insights and awakening our inner wisdom. They beckon us to embark on a spiritual journey, where the language of the soul intertwines with the rhythm of the universe. Through the power of words, we find solace, inspiration, and a heightened sense of awareness. In the embrace of these enchanting poems, we discover the interconnectedness of all things and cultivate a profound sense of alignment with our true essence.

Let the enchantment of these poetic offerings transport you to a realm where the mundane dissolves and the extraordinary emerges. Allow the words to resonate within your heart, unlocking the gateway to profound enlightenment. As you delve deeper into the mystical world of these channeled verses, may you find the ultimate connection to source within, and experience the transformative power of poetic enlightenment.

Illuminating the Path to

Profound Enlightenment

Journey of Heart Wisdom

What we think is what we become 

That’s why its important to receive heart wisdom 

Fulfillment of truth 

The lives in the heart of thy youth 

Synergistically lighting the fire 

Hearts deepest desires

That we planted inside 

Where source knew it could hide 

Grow strong enough to then emerge

Intergalactic, universal expansiveness

This genius is rooted in masterfulness

Cup half full

Knowing that life is beautiful 

The capacity to grow, become, and experience

Truth is exponential

First little realizations

That create positive momentum 

Next, deep gratitude followed by self realization 

Unlaced to unpack the old, receiving the new


Followed by deep transformation

Healing the hurt 

The karmic dimensions

Held with love through heart connections

Letting go of all painful emotions

Rocked with compassion to heal all demons 

Becoming best friends through these transactions 

Heart, Soul heals, reveals 

Wisdom that unveils

Breaks down the rails

Unhooks the nails

Clearing the walls

Opening the halls

Dissolving the dust 

Transforming the lust 

Burning the rage

Washing away the cage 

Heart breaks free

Now its easier to see

The guidance with each step

Rocks on a riverbed , healed head

Allowing heart to be the GPS 

Releasing minds need to create stress

We are safe where we are going 

The discomfort is in the illusion of not knowing

Silent Patience

Patience is silence 

for unknown amounts of moments 

like flowers growing in moments of silence 

Stop questioning the path

Stop holding onto the rath 

that is just surfacing in order to die

 because death is living high 

so that what’s berried underneath can reside 

Free-flowing in this river of life 

The current guided by source 

Connected to thy spirit

 I ride like a horse

Rooted Unity

One, infinite roots 

Two trunks 

Multiple branches 

Growing evolving 

Apart yet together 

There’s individuality yet bound together

 as one grows the other does too 

Sharing the same roots 

Feeding one another is misunderstood 

Strength to be alone 

Vulnerability to be one 

Common good always done 

Two trees with the same roots are one trunk 

Fluid Symmetry

Mossy Green 

Lightness seen 

Dimensions of humidity expressed like a medium 

Contrast to the dry 

In order to grow high 

The elemental water 

Runs through the center

Core of current 

Flowing generator 

Intelligence is nature 

Water exists where there could be fire

Heart’s Evergreen Symphony

Evergreen the essences of heart 

We sometimes forget but never part 

The stream of nourishment kept when mind aligns to heart 

Guiding the actions that lead to a new start 

Living in the now 

Where it all matters no need to know how 

Just allowing 

For the flowing 

The constant developing 

The healing 



The cycle that becomes the past bringing the new 

Establishing the renewed 

Becoming one with the beat 

Fire in heart creating heat

That keeps thee warm 

In the cold deep waters 

Where all is reborn 

Stillness kept in breath 

Soothing the feelings of depth 

Reemerging with source instilled deeper within

I am Yang and yin 

Unveiling the Heart’s Journey

The life force so true 

Unraveling the old stagnate you

Me, I 

Opening up like a flower to witness

Compassion for the old programming that was rooted in stress 


And churches 

Creating boxes and words for the unboxable

The illiusion of false pretense 

The old consciousness set in defense 

Forgiving the way people chose to break the chord to gratitude 

Knowing that self realization is rooted in that attitude 

Attitude of gratitude 

That’s where life and peace reside

From there, 

Exceptional positive manifestations arise 

I see now

none to hold on 

To the old energies that no longer belong 

That are intentionally here to move on 

Its like being guided by the unknown but known 

Its like being guided by the dark

To uncover the old bark 

Discover light inside  

the chief inside is the one who decides 

Chief being heart

Heart being thy love awareness of where to start

a thought 

Leading the movement 

Awareness of gentle force 

Synchronicity with source  

Forgiving others that are blinded by their darkness 

Because we’ve all been there

We are one with the stare 

Into the mirror, into our eyes

Everything that no longer serves us dyes 

Transforms , leaves, recycles 

Creating new cycles